The 600 liters of water contained in the main tank is constantly recycled and heated by the onboard generator to a preset temperature of 60 degrees centigrade. Our completely self contained unit is fully automatic, loading the containers onto hoists which inverts them, allowing telescopic lances to move forward which rotates high pressure jets simultaneously injecting sanitizing fluid into the water supply acting as both a detergent and bactericide agent ensuring a thorough wash of all internal surfaces. As well as the automatic wash via the two traveling lances, a separate high pressure hand lance is available to enable the operator to loosen any extra heavy soiling particularly on bins that have not been previously washed.

Eurowash offer to Local Authorities, Health Authorities and Private Contractors a complete bin washing service and to any wheeled bin user Knowing that they are complying with legislation and conserving water supplies.

This product carries a CE mark and meets with all present Health and Safety regulations.



A dirty bin not only smells unpleasant, but is also extremely unhygienic, attracting insects. The dangers of illness can then be carried into the household. A CLEAN BIN IS A HEALTHY BIN take on your dirty bin, using up to the minute washing apparatus and industrial disinfectants, to ensure a thoroughly satisfying wash.